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About Innogle Technologies

OOMSYS Technologies - a leading global provider of Information technology services for the past decade is committed towards delivering solutions that is ‘Beyond Innovation’.

Exceeding customer expectation in terms of quality products, impeccable support and services are the core values that are imbibed in OOMSYS.

OOMSYS offers a broad range of ‘Process to Application’ (P to A) development and tailor-made software solutions dedicated to an extensive range of products and services that work together to provide a constant flow of updated information. This complete, end-to-end workflow enables customers to transform raw data into useful information and actionable intelligence.

OOMSYS tailors solutions to fit the customer needs and deliver them with highest precision. Since the successful launch of OOMSYS Development center in India over a decade, OOMSYS has now extended its outsourcing services to Europe, South East Asia and USA.

OOMSYS professional outsourcing services provide comprehensive, yet flexible support for various software design, deployment, and IT management requirements -- and tailor them to meet any specific needs.

That apart, OOMSYS specializes in developing 3 screen solutions across various verticals.