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Currency Changer

  • 3 Screen Solution
  • Country based payment options
  • Flexible Exchange rate Fixing
  • User Friendly Application
  • Flexible Management of all activities
  • Customer flexible money exchange
  • Enormous Reports

Currency Changer

"Moneyexchangesoft™ is a cost effective software package for your money exchange bureau, foreign exchange office with 3-screen solution"

This multilingual software can be used in any part of the world, controlling multiple agencies, money exchange transactions and agents.

Oomsys MoneyExchangeSoft is a highly secured one stop solution for controlling multiple currency accounts for agents and customers, correspondents and exchange rates

This cutting-edge system enables money exchange operators and institutions of the like, transit to efficiently manage their business processes, compliance/anti-money laundering regulation, store records, settlements and run advanced reports in a Multi-Lingual, Multi-Currency based environment that is 100% Dynamic .


  • Currency Calculator based on your own set buy and sell rates
  • Handling money exchange through centralised currency
  • Currency note checking for fake currencies
  • Multi-Currency Treasury Management
  • Multi currency rate for different branches
  • Currency monitoring to trace the forge currency through image and tect in multi lingual
  • 100% AML Compliant and Rule-based AML policy declaration module
  • Print transaction tickets
  • Muli-account manager
  • Full-featured Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – Private and Business Customers
  • Absolutely complaint with the AML norms
  • End of Day cash reconciliation
  • Multi-Currency Double-Entry Accounting (GL, Sub-Ledger, journal ledger)
  • Currency Denomination Tracking for multiple currencies
  • Currency inventory across counters individually mapped
  • Counter-wise transaction management
  • Mapping transactions between counters
  • Automatic/manual update of currency rates
  • Audit Trail for transactions with multi-level Undo/Revert
  • Exception Report Log for managers to track anomalies
  • View calculated rates in real time including: avg. buy rates, holding cost, cost of purchase, break-even rates, short and long positions, coverage rates, cost of goods sold, exposure, and historical rates
  • Record keeping for live forex trades, rate bookings, futures