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Moneyexchange Software

"This cutting-edge system enables money exchange operators and money changing burro of the like, transit to efficiently manage their money exchange processes, compliance/anti-money laundering regulation, your central bank compliance and its reports, store records, settlements and run advanced reports in a Multi-Lingual, Multi-Currency based environment that is 100% Dynamic ."

Money Audit highly secured financial software for money exchange and money transfer companies a one stop solution for controlling multiple currency accounts for agents and customers, correspondents, exchange rates and supports multiple modes of payment methods

If you are in a business of money transfer and foreign exchange you are at the right place. We have developed an innovative and completely dynamic application that can automate the complete money transfer process for your company. This application can run on your local network or can run on a secure internet onnection.

This cutting-edge system enables money transfer operators and institutions of the like, transit to efficiently manage their business processes, compliance/anti-money laundering regulation, store transaction records, settlements and run advanced reports in a Multi-Lingual, Multi-Currency based 100% Dynamic .

MoneyAudit provides a multi-interfaced tool to suit various roles within the money transfer and bureau de change industry, offering a robust solution to present your business with the necessary tools to compete in a $500+ billion industr y.

Why MoneyAudit?

  • Expand horizons of Experience
  • Dynamically Compliant
  • Be Organised
  • Get more Profitable

Key Features

  • 100% ynamic
  • Absolutely complaint with the AML norms
  • Multilingual platform
  • Supports Multi currencies
  • Dashboards for all users
  • Secure web based or stand alone pplication
  • Maintain complete list of your clients
  • Meet all the government regulations
  • Maintain list of your clients, beneficiaries, agents, banks
  • Prepare reports dynamically in any combination that is required daily, monthly, or between any two dates
  • Document Manager a one stop storage and maintenance of all documents of employees, agents, customers and vendors
  • Integrated SMS Gateway, so your sender and receiver gets SMS notifications.
  • Record of payments received or pending payments from clients and payments made to beneficiaries.
  • Update exchange rates at any time
  • Option to charge service fees
  • Employee login with varied levels of permissions
  • Support for multiple locations


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