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"KadalCompass© a product of innovation; the outcome anticipated out of the dedicated R&D team of Oomsys is an anchor to the dreams of millions of fishermen and their families with +25 features including safeguarding the fishermen life and Ensuring that the fishermen are alerted about location of the school of fish without causing ecosystem damage."

Multilingual Mobile Communicator

This Multilingual School Communicator enables a two-way communication channel between school and its stake holders - Parents, Students and Staff. The mobile communicator provides a multilingual, easy to use and reliable communication. Group based and individual based communication possibilities are available in this application. Using this facility the educational institution can send messages to a chosen class and /groups like MUSICAL GROUP, SPORTS GROUP or SCOUTS GROUP. The communication to each student and / or group is secured.


  • Multilingual communication including image based communication
  • Two way communication channel between the school and the parent/ student
  • Class based or customized group based communication
  • Individual student’s communication like awards, achievements, absenteeism, emergencies etc would remain secured to those intended recipients alone
  • Forms or Approval communications
  • Call facility integrated with the application
  • Confirmations of read messages
  • Integrated with payment gateways
  • Administrative panel to map and manage the communication
  • Possible integration with your existing school management software
  • Exclusive Student as well as Parent login

You as an education institution use the administrative panel to publish or communicate the Newsletter or informatiom.

  • The application is downloaded by the parent/ student through the global mobile market place or the link custom made on your school website
  • The school provides unique activation keys for each student using the the administrative panel provided by Oomsys
  • Users are enabled a view of the individual or group messages intended to them specifically once they activate their accounts using the unique activation keys provided
  • If the activation is due, they would be able to view the messages posted for public view
  • The message(s) could be in any language like Arabic, Chinese or English individually and many more in it
  • The message(s) could also be text alone or with an image or image alone
  • One could get a read message confirmation as well
  • Availability of e-forms enables the authentic response
  • systems and thus respective reports at the administrative panel
  • Users could bookmark, mark as favourite and/or download their messages for a later use or even remove from favourite if not required
  • Parents could communicate to the school in just a few clicks

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