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"The HRM offers a choice of specialized modules designed to give you seamless, centralized HR governance across your global business concerns. The solution is a robust and scalable system with configurable workflows, custom reports, integrated with all dynamic policies and procedures, and advanced rule-based engines based on the branches which will saves you time and budget."

  • Business communicator – A Multilingual communication tool that enables business people to coordinate and to exchange the communication through the respective channels more effectively.
  • It helps to build an internal team communication and also for bridging the gap between staff members and clients.
  • Free VOIP calls in a Secure Connection.
  • Instant Messaging and multi-media file sharing facilities
  • Cost effective solution interms of Communication Mode.
  • You will receive the benefits of secure instant messaging, phone and calendar presence, soft phone and video calling, and much more.
  • VoIP Call Recovery attempt when changing networks.
  • VoIP to Cellular Voice call handoff using Extend Call feature.
  • It has group chat and video call, document management with Calendar and reminder facility about the programmers assigned to each of the employee
  • Its easy to use and also in getting team communication up and running
  • This enables to assign tasks with the ability to easily message a team member through task with reporting possibility.
  • Banner ads facility in the Biz Communicator.
  • Communicate the assignment to the individuals
  • Communication with staff on an assignments, projects and clients on the
  • status of their projects and to obtain feedback.
  • Images and documents such as News Letters, event invites ,files can attached and be viewed
  • Calendar and reminder facility about the programmers assigned to each of the employee
  • Contact the employee to the work spot [GPS}.
  • Multilingual Compatibility.
  • Inter Departmental interaction facility.

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