Digital transformation

Digital transformation

"Digital transformation of your Business or Service - Digital transformation is no longer a buzzword. It’s no longer a choice. It’s a necessity for business success. "

Enterprises must facilitate Digital Transformation through their use of 3rd Generation Platform technologies to create value and competitive advantage through new offerings, new business models and new relationships. To achieve these goals, businesses should focus on using 3rd Generation Platform tools to transform their decision making and experience delivery.
We oomsys focused on enterprise digital transformation technologies like Cloud, Mobility, Device-as-a-Service (DaaS), Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), and how their adoption can transform business processes and raise customer experience to a whole new level.
Enterprises are ranked on their vision to adopt these technologies and deploying solutions based on the same to achieve business goals like revenue growth, customer satisfaction, market share growth etc.

Related Technologies / Processes

MFT (Managed File Transfer)

Digital transformation for Secure transmission of sensitive data between systems and/or people


Connect applications and Cloud Services in real-time to initialize digital transformation

B2B | EDI digital transformation

Business to Business digital transformation to Industry-standard, choreographed and controlled exchange of business documents

IoT digital transformation

Internet of Things which Embed machinery, equipments, plants and products into business processes

IoP - Internet of Payments

Internet of payment (IoP) coupled with cloud, big data, analytics, artificial intelligence and biometrics, promises an incredibly exciting future.

Block chain

When referencing to Bitcoin and other crypto currencies you may have heard the term “blockchain technology” which is used for different industries and its solution.


Digitalization of inbound and outbound invoices

Business activities/functions

Digital Marketing, Digital operations, Digital human resources management, Digital administration, Digital customer service, etc.

Digital Marketing

We delivers world-class customized digital marketing solutions that produce results which exceed expectations.

Business processes

We oomsys provide the Business process optimization which is essential in digital transformation strategies and in most industries and cases is a mix of custome

Business ecosystems

Ecosystems are built between companies with various background upon the fabric of digital transformation, information and more

Digital Migration

Migration of physical document and data to digital data and documents

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